Chantilly 2016_AHO European Breeders Championship

AHO European Breeders Championship

Chantilly (France) 6th & 7th August 2016

Chantilly 2016

I want to thank you to The Arabian Horse Organization for its confidence in my work as an official photographer of this elegant show celebrated in Chantilly (France).

I hope the quality of my work had been enough good to the quality of the horses showed, the quality of the show, and the quality of this place.

Chantilly 2016_ Trophy European Breeders Championship


1st 08 DA Alihandra SIR_8986 copia

08 DA Alihandra (EKS Alihandro x DA Miss Justice). Yearling filly. Bred by DIAMOND ARABIANS. Handler: Frank Spönle

2nd 26 Marrakech J SIR_8716 copia

26 Marrakech J (Emerald J x JA Ultima). Junior filly. Bred by JADEM ARABIANS. Handler: Frederik Van Sas

1st 50 Psyche Victoria SIR_3283 copia

50 Psyche Victoria (Ekstern x Pallas-Atena). Mare. Bred by CHRCYNNO-PALAC. Handler: Frank Spönle

1st 63 Al Picasso SIR_9578 copia

63 Al Picasso (RFI Farid x Al Princess Aliha). Yearling colt. Bred by AL HAMBRA ARABIANS. Handler: Tom Oben

1st 78 Radjah De Cartherey SIR_9794 copia

78 R’Adjah De Cartherey (QR Marc x Badi’AH De Cartherey). Junior colt. Bred by HARAS DE CARTHEREY. Handler: Tom Oben

1st 90 Equiborn KA SIR_6480 copia

90 Equiborn KA (QR Marc x Espadrilla). Stallion. Bred by KNOCKE ARABIANS. Handler: Tom Schoukens

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AHO European Breeders Championship_Chantilly 2016

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